Artists: The Jesus And Mary Chain

8 01 2012

Alex Kapornokos from Franz Ferdinand once said that there are only ever about three bands from each decade who really matter. If that is true, then one of three from the 1980s is certainly The Jesus and Mary Chain, a band endless imitated, but rarely matched.

In fact it is probably fair to say that pretty much every British guitar album over the following twenty years owes its biggest debt to either The Smiths The Queen is Dead or The JAMC’s Psychocandy. The two albums came out within eight months of each other – the Mary Chain’s début arriving first in late 1985, The Smiths most enduring album arriving in June 1986. They divided the music press in two.

JAMC were made up of two brothers, William and Jim Reid. In their earliest, most celebrated incarnation they also features Bobby Gillespie (later the Primal Scream frontman) on drums. Their early shows were thrilling, punk affairs, often lasting only 20 minutes and causing riots.  Read the rest of this entry »